Friday, February 17, 2012

I Could Get Used To This

Let me again say how grateful I am that Andrew likes color. He does not ask me to knit miles of gray stockinette, and for that I rejoice.

When we made our road trip to Simply Socks, Andrew picked out yarn for future socks. He especially liked Zauberball Starke 6, a sportweight sock yarn with really odd and delightful color repeats.  

Generic sock recipe on 56 stitches 
knit in Zauberball Starke 6 in colorway 1537

Did I also mention how grateful I am that Andrew doesn't need his socks to match?

Andrew likes his socks tight, so I did a 3-1 rib all the way down the leg and the top of the foot. I can't explain why they were finished so quickly. Some of it must be that I was entertained by the colors and kept knitting to see what would happen next. It's also true that 56 stitch rounds instead of 64 or 72 zip right along.

I have no problem knitting more of these... which is good since Andrew bought three balls of the stuff.


  1. Beautiful socks! I MUST get more comfortable with sock knitting.

    1. I love knitting socks! They're my favorite thing to knit.