Thursday, February 9, 2012


With any hobby, people are going to have strong opinions about their tools. Baseball players argue about maple vs. ash bats. (Am I the only baseball fan worried about the impact of emerald ash borer on our game?) Gardeners wax eloquently about traditional hoes vs. warren hoes.*  Golfers argue about golf clubs.**

Some people only knit with machine washable materials. Some would rather impale themselves on a 14" straight rather than knit with acrylic.

A yarn shop worker once tsk-tsked me because I use dpns to knit socks and she felt circular needles should be used.

I've been knitting for about six years, and that's long enough to develop some preferences. I prefer metal needles over wooden ones. I believe acrylic has a place, esp. in projects for people who can't be trusted to handwash, but I prefer natural fibers. I like small dyers like Blue Moon Fiber Arts and indigodragonfly, but I buy a lot of yarn at Knit Picks because it's more affordable.

I've been reading about Signature needles but haven't convinced myself to splurge on a set. I read kmkat's blog entry this morning about her positive customer service experience with that company. It's making me think a bit more about the real cost of some of my tools--the cost that includes environmental and humanitarian considerations.

I think I'll put my go-to dpn size of Signature needles on my wishlist.

*The correct answer is, of course, both. Buy both hoes.
**I don't know anything at all about golf, so this is really as specific as I can get. 


  1. I get the Knit Picks catalogue and always "glance" but have yet to order from them. It's a lovely collection. I trust your opinion on this so if you like what you've gotten from them--I'm sure I would, too. So thanks!

  2. As a former yarn store owner, it KILLS!ME! when I hear that other LYSOs have been in any way judgmental towards a customer or about a customer's preferences. Everyone is different, and there's room enough in this big ol' world for everyone's preferences, choices, allergies, talents, mistakes, learning curves, and growth. Knit or crochet what you want, with what you want, how you want. Everyone should love it because we all love the same craft, and who the F doesn't find it magical that you can make things! With your hands! :-)

    / off my soapbox, sorry....! But gah! Some LYSOs give the rest of us a bad name! Not that I still own a yarn store. BUT STILL.