Friday, September 9, 2011

Clockwork Orange...

and red and green and brown and yellow and some variegated stuff...

Colorful Clockwork knit in fingering-weight scrap yarn

A coworker saw me knitting at lunch and asked what I was doing.  Having just attempted to explain it to another coworker, I said I would just show her a picture.  When I did, she said, "That's adorable!  The picture helps.  I wouldn't have known what to think if you said you were knitting a clock cozy."*

Retrobaby's picture was enough to send me barrelling through the sock yarn remnants. 

Cast on 20 stitches.  Knit in garter stitch for awhile.  (Mine was 22".)  Pick up 20 stitches from cast on edge and kitchner ends of strip together.  Stretch around clock.  Hang on wall.  Admire your own cleverness.

I've already made two of these, and there's a third one in my immediate future.

*For the record, the other coworker said, "Well... I guess clocks get cold."  Sigh.


  1. Sigh.

    Beautiful clock, though! And I love using up scraps.


  2. Perfect! Just as I rolled a ball to start a mystery shawl... now I wannaaaa.... Really, it's TOO clever! (I'm picturing every clock and ... object on my walls... Obsessive? Nah...)