Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's finished!  Actually, it's been finished for awhile, but I kept finding excuses not to photograph it.  Finally, I decided that I wasn't ever going to have time when it wasn't night and I wasn't shiny.  Them's the breaks.

Topside Cardi knit in Full o' Sheep in the Thyme colorway 

I have to be honest: I love this sweater. I love the color. I love the buttons.  I'm doing nightly dances in praise of the Winter Goddess in hopes I can wear it sooner rather than later.*

There's something very odd about the universe in that a project that I decided to do on the spur of the moment, knit in budget-friendly yarn and finished in a week is so fantastic when other projects...  Well, you know.** 

*Okay, so that's a lie. 

**Yep, it's still in the freezer.  It may live there permanently.  I can still hear it, but so far I have been able to resist its siren call.


  1. Bonnie! I love it! I love the color, too! I cannot believe it only took you a week to finish. Only in my dreams--would love to start a cardigan and wear it a week later. Very jealous. I am downloading this pattern today! Thanks!

  2. It's BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy. :)