Wednesday, August 10, 2011

French Quarter Socks and a New Sweater!

Today is a day in which going to work and being productive sounds infinitely less enjoyable than staying home and knitting.  I work nevertheless as part of my plan to trick others into thinking that I'm actually an adult.  While I work, I think about what knitting I would prefer to be doing.

I have two projects going right now--a pair of socks and a short-sleeved sweater.

The socks are Anne Hanson's French Quarter socks, which I tried futilely to knit before. They're going much better this time.

French Quarter socks knit in Alpaca with a Twist's Socrates yarn in the Charcoal colorway

This pattern is done in US size 0 needles. They're very small. As a result, there are 72 stitches in a round and they're going slower than most other sock patterns I've done. Nevertheless, they are progressing, and since it's still hot here I'm confident they'll be done before I want to wear them anyway.

The sweater is an impulse project that I began because I was getting tired of the tiny sock needles. It's the Topside Cardi by Vicki Howell.  It was written to support her line of Sheep(ish) yarn, but I'm using Debbie Stoller's Full o' Sheep yarn instead.*  

It's shockingly farther along than this picture--I bound off the body of the sweater last night and only have the short sleeves and buttonband to go.  This is the first top-down sweater I've made, I think, and I love it.  So little seaming!

I hope you're doing whatever makes you happy... and if you're not, I hope you are able to do it soon.

*I admit to feeling slightly badly about this.  Using a free pattern seems I should be considerate enough to buy her yarn, but the JoAnn's near me didn't have it, and I wanted to Start Sweater Now. 


  1. I gotta be honest. When I think about a) hosiery and b) the French Quarter, this is NOT the c I would have anticipated!

  2. I super duper rainbow heart that sweater! Nice choice.