Monday, August 1, 2011

REALLY Finished

This weekend, I went in search of satin cord to really finish the Namaste yoga mat bag.  I was successful in an old-school JoAnn Fabrics store.

While I was there, the cashier, who had "unicorn princess" above her name, started a conversation about my tattoo.  After saying a couple very nice things about it, she said, "It looks like it came from a coloring book!"  I am convinced that this is a compliment coming from a unicorn princess, so I am pleased she liked it.

Namaste pattern knit in Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria in colorway 219

I tried a couple different ways of securing the cord, and I'm interested to see how it wears.  I bought enough cord that I could weave it through the top and bottom and just knot it on the inside.  I plan to go to yoga class tomorrow, so it will get its first use!

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  1. Pretty!

    And coloring books are so awesome. That was like the mother of all compliments.