Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear New Nephew

Dear New Nephew,

I mailed your parents a package today, but it's really for you.  When you arrive, the hospital will put you in a hat.

This hat will be unattractive.  Your aunt, because she loves you, has provided you with alternatives.

You may choose this:

I have heard that your first outfit has frogs on it, and this may be quite fetching with that.  I knit it in green because I thought the lace (lace can be very manly, don't worry) looked like trees.

KnitPicks Swish DK in Asparagus

If you prefer something different, or if you like to change outfits, I have also sent you this:

I really like this hat, and it's very stretchy and should be light and comfortable.  And soft.  Ooh, soft.

I hope you enjoy both of them.  Perhaps in return you would do a couple favors for me?
  1. I know you must be excited to see if the outside world is all you've imagined it to be.  Please, please wait until at least May 15 before you arrive.  Uncle Andrew's birthday is May 17 if you'd like to try for a day somewhere around there.  I've knit the hats, but that doesn't mean you should come early.  No. Arriving. Early. Please.
  2. I'd like you to reconsider your position on Pad Thai.  Though your mom really likes it, you have made your dislike quite clear whenever she's eaten it.  I think you should open yourself up to its deliciousness.  Even if you don't like it, perhaps you can pretend like you do.  After all, your mom has done quite a lot of work to ensure your comfort.  It's something for you to consider.
I'm looking forward to meeting you...  IN MID TO LATE MAY.  Our family's a bit crazy, but we're also full of love.

And crazy.  Did I mention that?  Oh, right.  Anyway, we love you already!

With love and wool,

Aunt Bonnie


  1. Love it :) What a sweet letter!

  2. aww what an adorable letter, such a lucky baby.

  3. Just lovely and cute. Awesome hats for baby!

  4. Aaaaawwww. Please wait, sweetie babe, later is better!

  5. I definitely think he should reconsider pad thai.