Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Wonderful and Terrible Happening

I've recently become fascinated by fabric--the kind of fabric you buy off of bolts.  I blame it on the Dollbirdies' etsy shop.  It's run by my cousin, who is an extremely talented seamstress, and I love pretty much anything she makes.  She told me that she buys a bunch of her fantastic fabric from Uberstitch's etsy shop, and once I went to their shop....

When you become a knitter, you realize how long it takes to get a garment when you create it stitch by stitch.  Sewing, which I was positive was a tremendous time drain and something I would never, ever do once I graduated from home ec., began to look pretty reasonable once I started knitting.  The fabric was already there!  All that had to be done was to put it together!  How hard could that be?

I have managed to stop myself from buying fabric.  I forced myself to remember that a) I don't own a sewing machine, b) I don't know how to sew very well at all, and c) I love knitting and reading and am happy for those hobbies to take up most of my free time.

It was tricky, because I kept coming across fantastic things like this:

Timeless Treasures, Birds and Apples, for sale here
I love that fabric more than I can say.  It makes me think of stickers I had as a kid.  I ordered something made of the fabric and tried to push it out of my mind.

I follow uberstitch's blog, not because I was going to start buying fabric, just, you know, to be sociable.  To celebrate their blog's third birthday, they held a giveaway.  I left a comment, not because I wanted to win fabric, just, you know, to give them well wishes.

Look away.  There's nothing to see here.

"To three lucky people, we are giving away a bundle of  10 inch squares, (1 each)  of all 22 fabrics in the Sweet Nothings line by  Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake Designs."

We all know where this ends up.  I'll post pictures once I receive them.


  1. There's a group I've heard of, Fabriholics anonymous. lol The first addict I've come across who doesn't sew.

  2. Thanks for getting me hooked. My daughter is moving back into her apartment after a one year hiatus, and I'm already re-decorating in my head. I love fabric. Straight stitched curtains are the best!

  3. I'm afraid you may be doomed. So sad.