Thursday, April 14, 2011

Origami Garter Stitch

Those garter stitch squares did actually fit together into something in addition to being a good thing to knit while stressed.  Here is what they looked like after five of them were stitched together:

Then I soaked them and blocked the heck out of them.  It took three people to figure out how the things were supposed to fold, but we did eventually get it.  (Thanks, Lynn and Andrew.)

Once I figured out a fold, I pinned it to within an inch of its life.  There are approximately four thousand layers of fabric in that little box after it's all folded and pinned, so it took a long time to dry.

I think because I was using high-quality sock yarn which is thicker and rounder than cheaper yarn, I had a harder time keeping it in its place.  I have lots more cheap yarn than I do nice yarn, so I could certainly try this again with thinner yarn.  I am not, however, convinced I can find uses for these to justify all that time seaming the squares together and folding, grunting, and pinning during blocking.

I like the concept of these.  I enjoyed knitting something that was, in essence, five squares and getting them to magically stay closed in a pinwheel shape.  I am constantly impressed by people who are able to see the possibilities in their head and then create a pattern to match that idea.  I'm glad there is room for people who wish to be creative and create new patterns and people like me who like to knit things that someone else has already had the bugs worked out.

Pinwheel Purse (ravelry link) by Frankie Brown
knit in Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Wild Irish Girlie (green variegated) 
and Socks that Rock Lightweight in Happy Go Lucky (pink)

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  1. Genius! I like the idea, but not the process so much. I'll keep it in mind and maybe someday...
    Thanks for sharing!