Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Four: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Today's topic for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is Whatever Happened To Your....?  I'm supposed to look back on a project I made awhile ago.

This one was handed right to me, quite literally.  On Sunday, a friend handed me a legwarmer I made for her in 2009.  The yarn had broken, and she hoped I could fix it.

Side thought:  Does anyone know why this happens?  It's not the first time I've seen it.  It just looks like the yarn snapped in that area.  Another friend had it happen in lots of places all over his sweater, and I thought that might be because we blocked it too strenuously.  Is this just something that happens with wear?

My friend said she wore these all the time during the winter.  I was thrilled.  Sometimes when I give away my knitting, I'm not sure how much it gets used.  This is probably more about the number of socks I've knit myself that don't get worn regularly than it is about other people, but I still always wonder.  It was really nice to hear that this gift gets used a lot.

I fixed it the best I could, tying together the broken yarn and darning it with scrap yarn leftover from this project.  It's not gorgeous, but it's sturdy.

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