Monday, March 21, 2011

Laughing at Myself

My mom is interested in buying an eBook reader.  I've done some research on them and sent her links to reviews, 'cause that's what I do.

Then I went to a Borders that's closing and saw their Kobo marked down to $60.  I don't want a Kobo.

Instead, I've become obsessed with the idea of owning a Nook Color.  It's TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS.  And, God knows, I'd want a fancy cover purchased on etsy.  It's my way.

Here's a little glimpse of what goes on inside my brain:

I want an eBook reader.  (insert foot stomp)

Really?  How come?

'Cause I NEED one.

That's not a good reason.

Right.  Well, I could check out eBooks from the library!

True, but is that necessary?

Well, there was a book I wanted to read, and my only options were a) audiobook, b) eBook, or c) sneaking into a high school and stealing it from their library.

Okay, well, let's assume that you really, really want to read this book and it's not just an excuse to buy something expensive and unnecessary.  You do realize you could purchase this book for $7.99, and that's if you can't find it at a used book store, right?

Oh.  I suppose I could, but isn't that a waste of paper?  I'm only going to read it once.  I'm being environmentally friendly.

Are you kidding me?  Does that honestly sound like a legitimate reason in your head?

Don't get saucy.  It's your head, too.

Let's be honest.  You knit more than you read.  Also, you are able to get nearly any book you want from your city's fantastic library system.

KNITTING!  I need the eBook Reader for knitting!  I could look at .pdf patterns on my reader!  And that's why I need a color one!  Some patterns, like the one I'm working on now, have to be seen in color to work from the charts.

Any knitting books you own would have to be either purchased again or scanned and saved as .pdf files to view them on the reader.  Plus, there is no reason why you can't carry a printed pattern around.  It's more convenient than viewing it on a reader anyway, since you can physically mark on a copy of the pattern.

I need it for vacation.  Think how much space it will save!

Just how many books are you planning to take on vacation?  You're going to be doing a lot, and you'll have knitting as well.  It's not as if you're going to spend all day reading.  There will be too much to do!

You're not fun.

I'm tons of fun.  This just isn't a sensible purchase.  If you had an extra $250 lying around, which you don't, what would be the best use of that money: a) buying a Nook Color, b) paying a bill, or c) donating that money to Red Cross in response to the disaster in Japan?

Damn.  You're right.

I know.  I love you.  And I put it on my wishlist.  Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.

Does anybody else have these types of conversations with themselves?


  1. Never!
    Yes we do!
    Ok, sometimes we do.


  2. Bonnie! I have the same wish--but keep putting it off. I just know the minute I get one, an even better one will come out! (And ditto on the Kobo.)

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