Monday, March 28, 2011

Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns

I just learned about this Knitting and Crochet Blog Week project, and I thought why not?  I have a blog.  I knit.  Done and done.

Today's topic is to discuss two yarns that I have either used, are in my stash or which I yearn after and capture what it is I love or loathe about them.

I love KnitPicks Felici sock yarn.  It comes in limited-edition colorways, and I have a very difficult time not buying multiple balls of every color when a new bunch is released.
Image from KnitPicks website

This yarn is so delightfully soft, and I'm amused by self-striping yarn.  I've made several things out of it.
Ankle socks for my sister-in law

Naive Socks in pink (not pictured) and blue/purple 

Plain green socks - I am not ashamed to say I made these in a different green as well.  
I wear them a lot.

Plain pink socks

Now that I really look at what I've made out of Felici, I realize there really should be some fingerless gloves or baby hats in the mix.  

Felici is inexpensive.  I admit that it probably won't wear as well as higher quality yarn.  This fact coupled by darning may mean that I rethink my adoration at some point in the future.

But I'm not there yet!

Confused By
ravelry image by petraknits

I don't loathe this yarn; I just don't know what to do with it.  When I had been a knitter just long enough to realize that a local yarn shop going out of business was a stash-enhancing opportunity not to be missed but not quite long enough to really understand yarn, I bought... a lot of this.  It's Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria.  It's kinky, like '80s hair that's been tortured with a crimper.

I bought enough kelly green to make a sweater, enough red to probably make a sweater, and a couple hanks of a light/medium blue.

It's sat on my yarn shelves for a few years.  Whenever I visit the stash, I look at it, admire the pretty colors, and then reach for something else.  Someday, I'll figure this one out!


  1. Saw your comment in RAvelry from an hour ago. We seem to be the only ones commenting about this year.
    Thanks for blogging! You've given me another idea... In fact, I had such a long blog today, and I don't know what to blog about tomorrow, I may do a second Day1. Who's going to shoot me??

  2. I LOVE that kinky, cottony yarn! I have great sock admiration for your work.

  3. Jessica (indytricoter on ravelry)March 30, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    Have you loooked on ravelry to see what other people did with their stria. I am sure you already thought of that, but it really helps inspire me when i am stumped!