Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rick Socks Revisited

I attempted to knit Cookie A's Rick socks in the yarn I received with my May sock club shipment. I decided I didn't like the color but loved the pattern. I ripped out the socks and made the yarn into a scarf for Mom and then promptly started the socks again.

They're pretty fascinating.

Rick pattern by Cookie A. from this book, KnitPicks Kettle Dyed Essential/Stroll yarn (being discontinued) in Eggplant

I've knit a few of her patterns, and I like that she often mirrors the pattern on the left and right socks. It makes me not want to ever wear shoes when I wear these socks. It seems a shame to cover up all that pattern on the feet.

I love the spiral pattern, although it does make it difficult to get over my heel. I'm a bit worried about how they'll wear with all the holes* and the lack of stretch.

But they're beautiful, and I love them. I'm also extremely glad to be finished with them. They were very hard on my hands and wrists to knit, and the yarn was not the best choice for this pattern. The yarn is quite splitty, and this pattern has lots of ssk (slip, slip, knit), which are a pain in the ass to do with splitty yarn. I was too stubborn to rip them out again, and I think the finished product is lovely despite the splittiness.

I also had help in the photography.

"Remind me again why you're sitting on the kitchen floor?"

I have now started a surprise project for Brandy's birthday, so no pictures of that until the end of August.

*I kept trying to figure out how you write "hole" as a characteristic of these socks. Holiness obviously doesn't work. Holeyness? Hole-yness? Never mind.


  1. Holefulness? Holiciousness?

  2. Holeish? Holey?

    At any rate, they are lovely! You are so talented!

  3. Those little tiny socks are ADORABLE and I so admire the knit-skill shown here! I just am not ready for socks yet--soon, very soon.