Friday, July 9, 2010

Because I Persevere

Yesterday I stopped at the garden center after work with two objectives:
  1. Buy herb plants.
  2. Ask if there is some way to keep rabbits from treating my garden like a salad bar.

With respect to the first item: I've killed herbs in a myriad of ways. I've killed them in containers inside. I've killed them in containers outside. I've killed them from seed. I've killed them in a hydroponic planter. I figure there's only one option left--to kill them from plant in the garden. This is my chance to see if I really do have the Curse or not. I bought a hot & spicy oregano, a basil, and a coriander/cilantro. We shall see. I do not have high hopes.

With respect to the second item: You know that I planted marigolds, right? I think the rabbit has been EATING the marigolds. It's like the little bugger is just trying to add insult to injury.

I bought a spray bottle full of stuff that the person swore was earth friendly. It even said "earth friendly" on the bottle, but as it also said "family friendly," I'm slightly skeptical. "Family friendly" is a movie with no violence, nudity or moral ambiguity; it doesn't come in a spray bottle. Anyway, it's supposed to make the garden smell offensive to deer and rabbits, and they're supposed to steer clear.

I purchased this stuff after having the following conversation with Andrew:

Me: Damn. I forgot to get hair clippings yesterday.
Him: What?
Me: Hair clippings. Human hair sprinkled on your garden is supposed to make it smell like humans. It's supposed to keep rabbits away.
Him: Where are you planning to get hair clippings?
Me: Lisa. I was there getting my hair cut yesterday, and I forgot to ask her.

Beat. Beat.

Him: Don't you think that's a little creepy?
Me: Well, it's better than putting bonemeal or bloodmeal on the garden. Nobody was harmed in the making of the hair clippings.

Long silence.

Me: Maybe I'll just stop at the garden center and see if they have any suggestions.
Him: I think that's an excellent idea.

Marriage: It's about compromise and not unnecessarily creeping out your partner.


  1. Maybe you could make that into a t-shirt?

  2. Too funny!

    My mom is also having problems with ravenous bunnies. We checked out Wal-Mart to see if they had any products to deter critters and found something that absolutely terrified me. The warning labels extended all the way around the bottle, and included phrases like "if any part of your skin and/or clothing comes in contact with this product, wash any affected clothing immediately and scrub your skin for 15-20 minutes." And it went on and on like that...we put it back on the shelf...and quickly washed our hands just to be on the safe side.

  3. I think the only true solution to the bunnies is a fence.