Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look quickly! I'm caught up!

I finished the March sock club socks.

Slip Jig pattern (ravelry link) in My Wild Irishgirlie colorway

These socks were so. much. easier. than the January ones. It was a delight to have something that seemed to fall off the needles after struggling to do a k3tog through back loop coupled with a cable in the January ones. It's impossible to do, just so you know.

While I'm waiting for the May sock club shipment to arrive, I need a new project. I tried to start this for Brandy (don't click if you want it to be a surprise, Brandy!) but I don't have the correct needles. This is always a shock to me. How is it possible that I don't own every single knitting needle I need? Do you know how many needles I own? Crazy.

Anyway, that's on hold, so I started this for Brandy instead. I've already knit one for Rachel (ravelry link), and it is gorgeous. I plan to knit one for myself as well.

This is the birthday season, so time is limited. In the span of less than three weeks, we have 5 birthdays in our immediate family plus Mother's Day. This year we also have a baby dedication for our new niece. I haven't cooked all week--there's been lots of pizza and accompanied weight gain--but I believe my next attempt will be no-knead bread. Cathy Erway talks a lot about that bread in her book, and I do love bread.... Stay tuned!

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  1. The project you started for Brandy is really pretty - she'll love it! (And she'll *definitely* love the other, too, when you get the needles for it =))

    Also, I bought some yarn recently at a street market to give to you. I thought it was pretty and you can do with it whatever you want - I'll bring it back to Indy with me.