Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy May 19!

Today has been on my calendar for weeks as Garden Day. In my part of the country, opinions differ as to the proper planting date for those plants that have to be planted after the last frost. Some say it's Mother's Day; other say it's May 15.

I had today off from work, so I decided May 19 would be the perfect day.

I took a picture of the garden when I was finished, but it looks suspiciously like this picture from when we got the new square foot garden placed in the yard. (The peas are bigger; that's about it.) Seeds and seedlings are not for those who need instant gratification.

Here is a picture of one of my seedlings, carefully tended inside for weeks and transplanted this afternoon:

I covered the space with netting that is supposed to keep birds away. I do not wish to grieve for my seedlings after they become bird food. I'm not convinced the netting will work, but I've tried my best to protect them.

I have a couple seedlings to give my cousin in exchange for a bell pepper seedling and some garlic chives she's growing for me. I have one empty square for the bell pepper, and the garlic chives will go in a pot since I have been warned that they will take over the world if not contained. I also have some seedlings I'm giving to a friend at work for her garden.

I planted a tomato plant in one of those upside-down hanging planters for Grandfather. Grandfather has expressed the opinion that there haven't been any good tomatoes since they started selling hybrids. I don't agree with him, but I bought him an heirloom tomato plant anyway. The planter is currently lying on the front porch as I try to figure out somewhere sturdy enough to hang it until I can get it delivered.
I bought some impatiens today to plant in a spherical hanging contraption. I haven't planted them yet because I think the tomato might end up on that hook. I play the impatien game every year. I plant them in a sphere in hopes they will become a Ball of Blooms as my container gardening book promises. Then I don't water it enough and they die. The next spring I vow to do better, buy the impatiens and begin again.
Everyone has her spring rituals.
There's something about planting for me. On one hand, I am filled with anxiety as I worry about these plants being left in the harsh outside world where I cannot protect them. On the other hand, carefully placing a seedling in the freshly-turned dirt and gently placing the soil around it to support it feels like... well, like praying.
Happy spring, everybody. If you need more gardening, go listen to this.

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