Friday, May 7, 2010

21-Day Challenge (Slightly Altered)

Vegetarian Times is hosting a 21-day lunch challenge. They're challenging everyone to prepare their own lunch, walk 30 minutes, and take 5-10 minute meditation break daily for three weeks.

Vegetarian Times 21-day lunch challenge logo

I think this is brilliant. I'm also pretty sure I would fail. Enter slightly altered challenge:

Beginning Monday and continuing for eighteen workdays, I challenge myself to bring my lunch to work, to work out or walk 30 minutes (even if it's just a 30 minute stroll around the grounds at lunch*), and to meditate 5-10 minutes. I'm giving myself May 19 and May 31 off because I won't be working those days, so my challenge will end on Friday, June 4.

I will not attempt to do this on days I'm not working. I will count working out as a replacement for the 30-minute walk; I figure the important thing is that I'm doing something physical, not that I'm specifically walking. I also won't insist that my lunches are homemade. I usually eat a healthy frozen meal, a piece of fruit, and yogurt for lunch. I think that's fine. If I get ambitious and want to make my lunch instead of bringing a Lean Cuisine, that's also fine. It's just not required to meet my challenge.

The big changes for me in this challenge are a) not going out to eat for lunch, which I typically do around once a week, b) doing some sort of exercise five times instead of three times a week, and c) taking a meditation break.

I'm kind of excited about this. Well, excited and scared.

*This is going to cut down my knitting time, which is a bummer.


  1. Bonnie Girl! That is great you are doing the challenge! On a completely unrelated note--I have sock envy over all your socks. So I finally bought some cheap sock yarn at Michael's to attempt this really cute pair of "yoga" socks that was on this "Free/Take One" hanger--no toes and no heal--just my speed. I will keep you posted!

  2. Congratulations! This sounds wonderful. I believe in you - you can do it!