Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Continues Apace

Here's a quick update:

1. The next recipe is in the fridge and will be baked tonight. I also have plans to make a new dessert tonight. Perhaps tomorrow there will be photos. Perhaps there will not and we will pretend I never said anything.

2. I'm working on a scarf that is long and knit on small needles with fingering weight yarn. I've made it through two skeins and have now switched to the matching fingerless gloves so I can be sure I'll have enough yarn for both. Progress is being made, but it's slow. That's the way knitting is.

3. We took Grandfather his upside-down tomato plant on Tuesday night. Now that the hook it was occupying is free, there's no excuse not to plant the impatiens. I planted the ball of impatiens last night. I watered it again this morning and have the watering can beside the front door in a (probably futile) attempt to remember to water it every day. I'm trying not to resent the fact that watering it requires me to get the stepladder out of the utility room. Transporting the stepladder is a small price to pay for flowers' lives, right? Right.

4. Changes are afoot in the garden. The squash seeds are beginning to pop up. The tomato seedlings still look terrible, and I fear I transplanted them before they were big enough to handle the scary move. I am trying not to be sad about this. I'm going to give them some more time, and if they die I will go to the garden center, buy some tomato plants, and vow to try the seeds again next year. The pepper seedlings look pretty strong, albeit tiny.

5. The modified VT challenge is going well. I have been able to do the exercise and meditation piece every day thus far, and the only lunch hiccup could be counted as screwing up the challenge or not, so I choose not. Today I walked before work, and even the leisurely 30-minute walk made me so hungry I wanted to eat my desk by 10:00. I was glad I had the challenge to keep me from going out to eat because Panera's mac & cheese sounded very tempting.

I believe this is just a period during which life continues apace. Knitting and cooking and gardening and rubbing my dog's tummy and watching baseball and working continue. I feel busy and lucky and grateful.

Just not particularly interesting. Sorry.

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  1. Sounds like heaven to me. Here's to a "not-particularly-interesting" life!