Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fucus asparagoides Sock

I've been knitting and painting furniture and working. There are some finished knits that are staring at me and pleading to be photographed. I gave in and brought one to work to snap a few pictures.

Fucus asparagoides Sock (mine raveled here),
knit in Townhouse Yarns Grafton 4ply, Menace colorway

This is part of Hunter Hammersen's KAL on Ravelry. I liked both Fucus asparagoides patterns so much that I did both (shawl here). Hunter loves herself a twisted decrease. Pointy needles are important.

As I was knitting these, I kept thinking about how this stitch pattern would look on a hat, or a cowl, or a scarf....


  1. YAY! They look great!!! whee! I can't believe I started before you and you finished first, but I suppose that's bc I've been knitting other things. : )

  2. You make such incredibly beautiful things! You're awesome.


  3. OK, I thought I posted....? But it went poof? Anyway, just like every other time you've mentioned Hunter Hammersen, I'm chiming in for my love for her patterns. I wish I had time to join the KAL, but, alas. Do you know if she's doing one next year? If not, I bet I could make my own personal fangirl KAL and just knit one of her patterns each month. ;-)