Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The Colette sweater marches on. The real beauty of it is the edging that travels up each of the fronts and around the neck. That is knit separately and sewn on, which means most of the sweater is uninteresting to knit.

The only way out is through.

The sleeves do have a nice edging that makes it possible to finish the stockinette everywhere else without abandoning it for something more interesting.

Once the five pieces are finished, the instructions are to steam block them before sewing them together. I have never, ever steam blocked anything. I went online to figure out the difference between steam blocking and wet blocking, and I found this discussion of blocking, which I took as approval that I could wet block if I wanted. In fact, I am pretending that wet blocking is actually better. This may be a lie,  but I choose to believe it.

Once I get past the initial stress of "Omigosh, everything's too big" and pat the pieces into roughly their intended measurement, there's something very soothing about blocking. It brings order to the whole in a very Sunday in the Park with George sort of way.

And when they're dry, they have transformed from five curled up wads of stockinette into something better.

Something that can be folded and, hopefully, sewn without cursing.

Today I seam.

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