Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Progress

I'm doing pretty well on my Christmas knitting. I just received the self-striping yarn I needed to make socks for my oldest sister, and they'll go quickly. I was feeling pretty smug about my progress when I went to a friend's house on Saturday.

Her son asked if I'd make him a Packers hat. I have some Berocco Vintage in green and gold in my stash already. Months ago, I was looking for fingering weight yarn in the right green and gold for socks he wanted, and I couldn't find it. I stupidly and desperately bought the Vintage thinking I could make him thick socks. That's nutty--it's not that hard to find the right colors online--but it means I already have the yarn to make the hat.

Another friend asked if I'd knit her another cowl. She loves the one I gave her for her birthday, but it clashes with her winter coat.

GAP-tastic and Fluted Cowl (mine ravelled here),
knit in Knitpicks' Biggo, Calypso Heather colorway

The pattern is a mashup of two patterns: the Fluted Cowl and the GAP-tastic Cowl. (Notes are on my ravelry page.) It really does make a lovely cowl, and I would have been tempted to keep it if it was in another color. Now that I need to order yarn to make her a second one... well, there may be one of these for me in my future as well. I keep telling myself I need to wear the Clara Cowl and see if I like it, but the temptation to buy three more skeins of this yarn in gray is great. A girl only needs so many fluffy cowls, right? Right?

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  1. well, I think a girl only needs so many fluffy gray cowls, but I live in Texas, where I own zero cowls.