Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's My Pinterest...

...and I'll organize how I want to.

My love for organization is pure. One of my favorite pastimes as a kid? Organizing the big box of crayons by color. It's harder than you'd imagine because sometimes the actual color of the crayon is lighter than another but its paper is darker.

This is the sort of thing that troubled my young mind.

Really, very little has changed.

I have to be careful not to over-organize people in my head. My instinct is to see someone and immediately put them in a labelled box.* I have to work to remember that people are complex and don't fit into a color-coded filing cabinet.

Anyhoo, I spent some time yesterday with my Pinterest boards. I had all the knitting and crochet in one board, and it was unwieldy. I separated it into several boards.

I don't crochet, but there are a few crochet items that I find particularly compelling.
Click here for this pin and here for my crochet board.

Pins of knitting that I actually plan to make are here.

Pins of knitting that I like but probably won't make myself or have already made and therefore no longer in my queue are here. It includes things like this:
Click here for this pin and here for my knitting to admire board.

Techniques and tools are here.

Thinking and writing about knitting by people who get it are here.

Finally, some pretty yarn is here.

I am not able to control many, many, many things, but I have a very pretty Pinterest page. I'm calling it a win.

* My box is tagged with Knitting, Vegetarian, Buddhist-loving Nerd. 

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