Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not Quite Half Full

I have shingles.

I am thirty-five. No, I'm not under any unusual stress. Things are great. The chicken pox virus decided to reactivate anyway.

I am not amused.

There's not a lot else to be said about it. Yes, it's painful. Let's talk about something else.

I decided I deserved a I Have Shingles present, and I was checking out my wishlist to see what I wanted to buy myself.

I decided on this glass from etsy. I wasn't feeling very optimistic, but this would be a nod to the Universe that I was trying.

It's no longer available.* The only glass the seller has in his/her store has a deer head on it.

Very funny, Universe.

*I've sent a message to the seller asking if he/she will be listing more of them, so there's hope.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot believe that you're keeping up with the blog when you don't feel good. Jolly good, lady! You're a better woman than I, that's for sure. :)