Sunday, January 8, 2012


Since becoming a knitter, I have developed a deep respect for handmade goods.  I may not really know how to sew, but I can look at something sewn and understand that each one of those seams had to be pinned or ironed or both and then sewn and probably other stuff I don't understand.

It takes a lot of time, and the time and respect that goes into handmade items makes them precious to me. It's a sentiment I fear, actually. I'm afraid that one day a friend will be asking why I have a crocheted orange toilet cover and I'll say, "I bought it at Goodwill.  Think about HOW MUCH TIME it must have taken to make!"  I fear I'll only be able to see how much effort went into its creation instead of realizing that orange toilet covers are ugly.

I've gotten off course.  Give me a minute to steer myself back to my point.

Ah, yes.  I love handmade items, I love supporting small artists, and I love organizing things.

Behold, my most recent purchase:

That, my friends, is what the Internet calls a "dpn roll." It's a fabric holder for a knitter's double pointed needles.  Nonknitters may wonder if there's really a market for that. 

There is.

Now, I own more dpns than you see above, but not a lot more. I own a set of six different sizes of needles most often used for socks, and they already came in a (boring plastic) holder, so I didn't move them to this one.  There are a couple sizes for which I owned more sets than would fit in their pouch, and they're still in their drawer.  But this holds the vast majority of my dpns, and I adore it.  The top flap folds down so your needles won't spill out the end when you do this:

Yes, it rolls up and buttons securely. 

Organization, knitting, and handmade.  It's a trifecta of sexy.  I hope your weekend was this good.

If you're wondering where I bought it, visit madbird.

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