Tuesday, January 3, 2012


or, Why not?

Lots of people hate New Year's resolutions, and I understand why.  January 1 is just another day. Nothing magical happens when we flip the calendar and begin writing 2012 on our checks (or, more likely, writing 2011 2012 on our checks).

I get it.  Still, why not be optimistic?

Why not decide to start new habits and reaffirm old habits that have fallen by the wayside? Why not decide to try something new? Why not decide this is the year I'm going to clean out my closet, eat more veggies, and reacquaint myself with the treadmill?

I may not keep my resolutions past January 15, but that's still fifteen days with good habits. There's always the possibility that I will be able to keep them all year.  Why not?

In the spirit of optimism, I say:

  • I will begin tracking what I eat on Weight Watchers most days. I'll shoot for 7 days and be thrilled with 5. Weight Watchers works for me. When I stop tracking, I gain weight. When I track, I eat better. So I'll start tracking again, and I will lose weight. Why not?
  • I will continue to try to work out at least 4 times a week, and I'll pay myself $10 for every week I succeed. 
  • I will try to add variety to my exercise. We are now the owners of a Wii Fit. I've used it two times, and I am sore so it's doing something. I will continue to use the Wii Fit, walk on the treadmill, and go to my yoga class and/or the aquafit class.  
  • In a related resolution, I will not let the Wii Fit get me down when it says nasty things about me not working out. It does not know that I am not monogamous to it, and it behaves out of that ignorance. I will not be stymied by a machine.
  • I will do exercises on the Wii Fit that strengthen my back and abs because that will help compensate for my wonky spine. I don't like doing them because they are hard, but I will do them because a) they will help my back not hurt, and b) they will get easier. Why not?
As I've thought about my New Year's resolutions, I thought they would have to do with knitting. Apparently they don't. This is what feels important to me right now, which is probably a direct result of holiday eating. (Almond bark pretzels, I'm looking at you.)  I choose to be healthier.

I raise my glass of iced coffee (1 point) to the sky in a toast to a healthier, happier me.  Why not?

Bring it, 2012. I'm ready.