Friday, January 6, 2012

I think I've done it.

Success! The Off-Rib Cardigan is finished.

It took a lot less yarn than I anticipated. I bought thirteen skeins and only used seven, so I have bunches to use for something else. The yarn is quite beautiful, very soft, and very warm.

I used four buttons instead of five, and my gauge was crazy off, but other than that I followed the pattern.  As I've mentioned before, I lost the ability to read at a critical time in the pattern (read: the very beginning) and knit everything with the wrong needles. I cut off the collar and redid it, and everything else blocked to the correct size. 

I feel stylish when I wear this, and I never feel stylish. Being stylish has never really been a goal of mine, although I admit to being awed and a bit jealous of my friend Holly's wardrobe.*  But wearing this sweater with its off-centeredness and its toggle buttons and its gorgeous yarn makes me feel great.

That's all I can ask of a sweater.

*She's the kind of person who can wear boots and scarves and look natural. It's unnerving.


  1. I LOVE this cardigan! So gorgeous, it looks fantastic! So very Vogue-ish, too. I have looked at this a dozen or so times and wished to make one for myself. I love SJ's designs. Hmmmm, maybe a trip to the yarn store is in order--thanks for sharing this!