Saturday, September 4, 2010

Karmic Balance

Friday after work I steeled myself and headed to Goodwill. 

I hate shopping in general, but I carry a special loathing for clothes shopping.  I'm not terribly good at getting dressed at all and feel like the whole thing would be much easier if we all wore comfortable uniforms to work.  But recently I have been convinced of the wisdom of shopping at Goodwill.  I summoned my inner Rachel, reminded myself that a) buying clothes from Goodwill feels more socially responsible than buying clothes from a big box retailer, b) it certainly would be cheaper, and c) I have had good luck there before.

One of the things I enjoy about Goodwill is that I can pretend to be someone I'm not.  Have you seen the Target commercial about the woman buying a hat?  That's me at Goodwill, except the hat costs me $3.  Yesterday I bought a fantastic beaded sleeveless shirt that someone much more stylish than me would wear to the symphony.  I go to the symphony.  There's no reason I couldn't be the sort of person who would wear a fancy beaded shirt, and I'll get the extra kick of knowing that I spent $4 on it.

That wasn't the real success of the trip, though. 

I do want to warn you that what I'm about to say is quite shocking.  You will assume I'm a liar.  I would do the same if I were to read this on your blog.  What I'm about to say is utter madness.  The Universe simply doesn't work this way.

The first and only two pairs of jeans I tried on fit.

I'm hoping this is karmic balance for work being so crappy the past few weeks.  Either that or I'm about to be hit by a bus.

You can cremate me in jeans and a beaded top.  I'll pretend to be the kind of person who can pull that look off.


  1. A true miracle, that. I've never actually heard of this happening to anyone before. Congratulations!

    And welcome back. I missed you.


  2. Well done, you! You can find such amazing things in charity shops, and good bargains to boot. I used to go browsing a lot at the shops near my office back in Edinburgh, mostly for used books. When I realized we'd most likely be moving to Germany, I started stocking up in a crazy "doomsday" sort of way =)

  3. I just donated a top to Goodwill (I love the Goodwill!) that looked exactly like that--used to wear mine to the office! Since no more office, no need for beads. And that jean story kills me! I cannot even bear to try them on unless I've fasted for three days! You are brave!