Monday, October 12, 2009


I have a purple shirt that has been living on the chair in my bedroom for longer than I care to admit. In my mind, it lived there because it was too small. (I have no idea why it couldn't live in the closet with other too small clothes.)

I own three of these shirts in different patterns, unsurprisingly. The one in question is a large and the other two are extra large. Last week I tried the extra large and had to admit the thing was just too big. I was simultaneously pleased that I'd lost weight and sad that I had lost two shirts out of my work wardrobe. So, today I put on the large and am thrilled with the lack of tightness.

Then I realized that the reason it was living in the chair for months and months was not due to its size. It was missing the bottom button.

I wore it anyway. Screw it. Sometimes just getting dressed is a big enough challenge for the day. I can't expect to be adequately fastened as well.

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