Thursday, September 2, 2010

Market Bag

I really like the idea of using reusable bags while shopping.  I always fail to remember to bring enough to handle a serious grocery trip, but I do find that I use the single one I keep in my purse quite a lot.

I've been looking at the various knitted bags for some time now.  I just finished a Knitpicks pattern with some very inexpensive Sugar 'n' Cream yarn.

Montavilla Market Tote in Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton, Summer Splash colorway 

The pattern itself is fine.  The color choice is not.  I have some washcloths I've knitted out of this colorway, and they're lovely.  However, this much color on this large bag is just no good.  I keep trying to think of someone who would adore yellow, lime green, and sky blue in a market bag.

Huh.  Reading the colors, I would like that bag.  But looking at it.... no.

Despite the color problem, which is obviously no fault of the pattern, I like the concept of this bag.  It has a five-row lace repeat for the sides, which makes it very stretchy.  The bottom is a square worked in a woven stitch I don't think I've ever used that creates a very sturdy fabric.  That same stitch is used again to work the band around the top and the handles.

The handles are pretty snazzy in that they're worked like giant buttonholes.  Everything is knit in this project.  Often patterns for bags have you knit the handles separately and then sew them in.  Not only is this a pain in the tukhus because you're knitting tiny rows and constantly shuffling the project, but it's not very sturdy.  I'll be interested to see how these handles hold up.  Conceptually, it seems to me that they have a better chance of survival.  They certainly were more enjoyable to make.

Without working hard at all, this bag held a jar of peanut butter, a bottle of olive oil, a canister of bread crumbs, a box of Clif bars, and a leek-- you know, everyone's weekly grocery list.  There was plenty of room for more even with all that loaded.

Now if I can just remember to carry it into the store....

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  1. I LOVE the colors and the pattern! Heading to Knitpicks now.