Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fame At Last

I continue to resist Facebook, Myspace (does anyone use Myspace anymore?), Twitter, and the like. My thought is that people are in my past for a reason. I don't want them intruding into my present.

However, I have embraced Ravelry like a stuffed animal during a weepy movie. The whole site is for knitters and crocheters.

HEY! DON'T ZONE OUT! A social networking site for knitters is cool.

One of the fabulous things about Ravelry is that you can post your knitting projects along with notes, pictures, details about yarn, price, time it took to knit, etc. I posted Brandy's secret project (Brandy, do not click), and I received a comment from the designer.

The. designer. looked. at. my. knitting.

It's astounding to me.

Fame at last.

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