Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Knitting Quietly

I've been knitting a bit, reading a bit, and playing in the dirt a lot.

I had three cubic yards of compost delivered. The leaf compost I've gotten in the past has smelled sickeningly sweet. This stuff, horse manure and straw aged for 18 months, had no odor. A friend suggested it was actually unicorn manure. She is probably correct.

That's all been moved now. Two cubic yards or so have been spread on beds and in the raised garden beds. There's a big pile of it waiting for more raised beds to be constructed, but I choose not to think about that.

I've also been knitting Changefuls. I was able to get the obligatory phlox photo in the brief moment phlox looks pretty and not brown and disappointing.

I've finished the first sock. It's... fine. The pattern should be closer to the toe, but I started it too early. I disliked doing the patterned rows enough that I decided I didn't want to rip it out. Left-leaning cables with purls thrown in are a pain.

Changeful- Version 1 (mine ravelled here),

Andrew's office got together for pizza and a hockey game. I was at the point that I couldn't knit Changefuls because of the chart, so I worked on a ribbed sock for Andrew. It's Malabrigo Sock, which feels a little thin, so I did 72 sts and size 0 (2.0 mm) needles. Obviously, I love Andrew a lot.

Turner Ribs (mine ravelled here),
knit in Malabrigo Yarn Sock in the Turner 851 colorway

One of Andrew's co-workers said I was "obsessive" about knitting, and I did not stab him with my tiny dpn. I was impressed with my self-control. There will never ever be knitwear for him, amen.

You can't trust the Muggles.


  1. I love it when you quote me on your blog. :) I too love the Phlox pic!