Monday, March 21, 2016

Knitsonik: Color Contrast

Well, huh. I thought I published this, but apparently I didn't. If anyone is still interested in my Knitsonik process, here's the bit about contrast!

There was still a bit of daylight when I got home from work yesterday, so I took advantage of it to get a couple photos of the yarn.

When I look at it as a black and white image, I was really surprised. That third column looks really, really similar. I wouldn't have thought that three such different colors (thicket, grass, and fuchsia) would have the same contrast.

My swatch is actually going to be a pair of mittens. (I'm not enough of a process knitter to do a 4' swatch. Know thyself.) I resized the motifs to go over 32 stitches, put them in an order I liked, and marked the decreases and where the afterthought thumb will go. I think I'm going to do the palm in knit 1 stitch main color, knit 1 stitch contrasting color, repeat. I'm as excited to see how that will look as I am to see how the motifs look.

I tried to avoid putting colors that look like the same gray together.

I didn't use the Safflower (yellow) color. I couldn't find a place to use it that felt natural. I was worried it was going to stand out too much. I'm toying with the idea of doing a cowl (like this one but a little shorter) after the mittens using this same palette, and if I do I'll use it in the cowl. The mittens are small enough that I feel I'd have too much going on if I added the yellow. There was also a motif that I loved that I wasn't able to fit in; I'll put it in the cowl, too.

It took me quite awhile to make the plan for the colors. In the end, I had to accept that I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I've reached the point where it's time to just start knitting and see what happens!