Friday, March 18, 2016

2 x 2, 2.0

Much thought was put into the knitting projects I'd take on vacation, even though I knew, I knew, that I knit much less on vacation than at home. At home, there's a television, and knitting while watching TV is the best way to watch. On vacation, I read. I mean, I do lots of things, but I never watch TV and I read a lot.

This trip had a lot of time in the car though, and so I knit.*

Andrew's original ribbed hat is pretty pilly. I shouldn't have been surprised; Knitpick's Chroma yarn is like that. This is the lightest-weight hat I've made Andrew, and he wears it a ton. I decided that I wanted to make him another one, and then I could absolve myself from feeling guilty about my beloved wearing a pilly hat. If he chooses to wear the purple one, that's fine. I know I've made him a second hat out of really nice yarn, and he can choose whichever one he wants.**

The hat spent some time with a mango daiquiri on a cruise ship. The hat approved.

knit in Miss Babs Tarte in the Biker Chick colorway

This pattern has a really great patterned decrease on it. I apologize for the fuzzy photo, but them's the breaks. (Actually, go look at these pictures from the actual pattern page if you want to see the decreases, which you do.)

Knitting a ribbed hat out of fingering weight yarn is a labor of love. A boring, somewhat tedious, hand cramping labor of love. If there's anybody in the world worthy of such projects, it's Andrew. I mean, really, look at him. Adorable.

*And read old Choose Your Own Adventure books out loud. This is an excellent way to kill time in the car. "Will you go to the dock or flee the city in the stranger's jet?"

**I recognize how crazy that is. Sometimes it's easier to give in to the crazy and move on than denying it.

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  1. I like how the blue in the yarn brings out Andrew's eyes. win!