Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Knitsonik: Charts

After choosing inspiration and taking my best guess on a palette, the next step in the Knitsonik process is to start charting.

Let's get a little bit real: I have many wonderful talents and qualities. However, I do not excel in visual learning. The idea of creating charts from scratch makes me feel sad and defeated.

Sad and defeated is not in the spirit of creativity and joy that Felicity Ford is trying to give me by helping me play with my knitting.

Preach on, Brother Voltaire. Preach on.

So, I searched the Internet and took motifs that I loved and put them in Excel. (I found it challenging because, again, not terribly visual.)

This I'll do in at least one shade of brown, to symbolize the path.

These feel like the pink flowers in the background (not the echinaceas--the smaller ones).

The white area I'll do in the light mist color.

These are for the purple, star-shaped campanula.

For some of the motifs, I see exactly how they connect to the photo (top picture here). For some, I don't. I don't have a great echinacea motif, for example, and I've decided that's fine. These charts make me happy. They feel like flowers to me. That's enough.

The next step is to resize them so they're all a factor of 64. Sadly, and I feel I should have prepared you better for this revelation, I lost a Dither mitten. It's upsetting but not a tragedy. 

It has made beginning this stranded knitting project more time sensitive. There's snow on the ground and I'm wearing store bought mittens.

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