Monday, February 15, 2016

A Quick Surgery for Talamh

I knit myself a Talamh back in 2012. Like many people who have knit it, I found the neck to be too boat-like. I mean, there's a boat neck, and there's falling off my shoulders. This was falling off my shoulders. 

Carol Feller wrote somewhere that you could use single crochet to make the neck smaller. I kept thinking that I should figure out how to do that.

Yesterday I decided I was never going to figure out how to do that, and there was probably an easier way for this crochet-challenged knitter.

I took a loooong piece of yarn, threaded it onto a taperty needle, and ran a line of yarn on the inside of the neck near the top. I cinched it until it was at a width that seemed reasonable, ran a second and third line a bit farther down the neck just to make sure everything was sturdy. That's it!

It's much better now. Andrew asked what I had done and then said he couldn't see where it was gathered. Hooray!

I'm wearing it today, and I like the way it fits much better. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.