Monday, March 19, 2012


Look! Look! It's finished!

These buttons were $0.99 for a pack of twenty. I honestly believe they were the best choice, and the price was just a bonus. I'm a believer in boring buttons. If I knit a sweater, I want you to notice the craftsmanship and not the buttons shaped like kittens.

The thread was "neon," which freaked me out
a little bit. It also freaked me out when
someone at work told me neon was really "in"
this year. What is this "in" of which you

The stitch pattern is called Deep Waffle Stitch. I like to call it, "Fortheloveofgod, don't forget the foop."  It's not as catchy.

I was a smidgen worried about this yoke. It's a boatneck, which I rarely wear. It also has a lot of texture, and I was worried it would look fussy.  I think it turned out well though. That Carol Feller knows what she's doing.

I adore the color. It's Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, and when I fell in love with a colorway they didn't make in the yarn I needed, I e-mailed them and THEY CUSTOM DYED IT FOR ME.  I love them.

Talamh (mine raveled here)

I have an entire skein of this left over, and it's a whopping 661 yards. I haven't figured out what it will become. If you have thoughts, let me know.

In weather news, let me quote from a local news website:
Today’s high of 81 degrees broke the record of 78 in 1921. More record heat is in the forecast, with highs in the lower and middle 80s.   
Sigh. Well, when September comes, I'll be ready.

*Anyone else remember the part in the Hitchhiker movie when Slartibartfast says, "Well, I don't know this cheese of which you speak...."? No? Just me. Okay. Never mind.


  1. Love the sweater. Such a great color. And I'm so jealous of the deal you got on those buttons!

  2. What a lovely spring green!

    Perfect colour for the a season....

    Fleur xx

  3. I chuckled at that Hitchhiker's moment. And yes. But about that cardigan--Oh my, I LOVE it--you did such an amazing job! I love the color. Love it. I love Carol Feller's designs, too. Sigh. Now I want to spend the rest of the afternoon knitting outside.

    1. Do it. That sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  4. That stitch pattern is very very cool! way to not forget the foops! :-) You could make these socks. I could see them in this green. :)
    It is hotter where you are than where I am. That's nutty! :)

  5. Beautiful sweater, great color.