Friday, May 29, 2015


Last night I went to the annual meeting of the Horticultural Society at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). I had some time between work and the meeting, so I visited some of my favorite things.

In most of the museum, you can't take photographs, but here's a photo of my favorite painting from their website. It's by Georges Seurat, and the frame is a stunning bright cobalt. (The frame is actually not original, but that's beside the point.) I love pointilism.

I also visited the contemporary design galleries. You know how sometimes you see something and it immediately feels like home? That happens for me here.

I'm fairly sure every wall would benefit from a bookcase like this:

My favorite design piece is this:

Tejo Remy's "You Can't Lay Down Your Memories" 
Chest of Drawers

If money were no object, I'd have someone build one of these for me. I adore it.

The IMA has been making big changes, and I'm not in favor of some of them. Still, I love the museum. Their Ravine Garden is one of my favorite places in the world. (I posted about one visit here if you'd like to see more photos.) The grounds of the museum are stunning, and that's typically where I spend my time. It was good last night to wander around the main museum building and get reacquainted with these pieces that feel like old friends.

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