Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Say What? Embroidery

The Universe has been crapping on some of my friends recently, including Emily. I asked her partner what I could send to cheer her up, and he said she wanted stuff for their new house, including a sign for their bathroom:

Please do not do cocaine in my bathroom.

Emily obviously understands that sometimes it's awkward to have to tell your guests in person, and this is a more delicate way to ensure you don't have pesky white powder to clean out of your grout.

Emily had also recently had a moving spiritual experience which needed to be documented in every medium possible. I did my part:

I am calm and floating...

Another friend will get:

I do not spew profanities. I enunciate clearly, like a fucking lady.

I stitched all of these on cotton dishtowels that I cut to size. I found that neither carbon nor transfer pens showed up very well on this material, which was challenging. I ended up with a faint hint of the design to follow on the material itself and used it and the paper pattern beside me to figure out where the letters went and how they were shaped.

Even though my stitches certainly are not perfect, I am happy to be able to make something with my hands. Every stitch is a physical reminder to my friends that I care about them enough to spend hours out of my life making them things.

I might not be able to fix everything that's wrong, but I can make stuff, and that is no small thing.

Make on.


  1. No Small Thing. Agreed.

  2. I love them. Really, really love them.

  3. I love them all. but especially the last two. :)