Thursday, May 15, 2014

Portrait of a Lunch Hour

It's time to cast on a new sweater! Yay!

beginning of lunch hour

Rips out gauge swatch to reuse yarn, noting how sticky this yarn seems. Ripping is not going to be easy.

Ripping complete, happily casts on 90 stitches.

Huh. There's a lot of yarn in that yarn tail. Rips out the cast on.

Casts on 90 stitches again, still happy.

Yarn tail is still longer than expected. Decides to not bother ripping it out again. What difference can that little bit make?

Ooh, m1 in laceweight yarn is slippery.  No problem. Proceeds slowly.

Did I remember to increase on that row? Counts stitches on the next row, knowing an increase can be fudged if necessary.

Counts to 83. Good news: There was an increase on that last row. Bad news: There should be 93. Decides miscounting is to blame. Counts again the next row.


end of lunch hour