Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let Go and Breathe

I'm knitting the Wray, and after the multiple blunders at the beginning, it's been going well. You certainly wouldn't know it by looking at the knitting on the needles though. It doesn't seem to be getting any larger regardless of the time I spend with it.

Wray (mine ravelled here),
knit in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud, Smoke colorway

The laceweight yoke has 33 rounds of 367 stitches done in 1x1 ribbing.

I'll pause while you gasp and turn away, squeezing your eyes shut in horror.

Back? Great.

Looking ahead, the majority of the sweater is ribbed, even after the yoke. The ribs do get wider, so it will go faster, but, any way you look at it, this sweater is going to be a slog. Clearly, this is going to require a reframe in the way I think about it.

I go to a Yoga for Flexibility class. My teacher likes us to get into a pose and hang out there for--- well, forever. When she has us in a difficult pose (my hamstrings are like concrete), I try to relax, let go of any expectation that the pose will ever end, and breathe. The act of letting go makes it possible to continue.

This is the strategy I'm employing for this sweater. Just keep knitting and accept it will never end.


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