Thursday, September 12, 2013

Waterlily Impression Sweater

I bought nine balls of Classic Elite Yarns Waterlily in a nice purple at a yarn store that was going out of business. Nine balls is only 900 yards. That's not enough for me to make a long-sleeved cardigan, my sweater of choice.*

Then I looked through Knitscene's Fall magazine and saw the Impression Vest. It's only supposed to take 600 yards, but mine took nearly 800 yards. I added a little bit of length and added short sleeves. I put details on my Ravelry page about the sleeves.

Impression Vest (mine raveled here),
knit in Classic Elite Yarns Waterlily, colorway 1979

I'm not sure what to wear with it. I put on a black camisole under it for the pictures. Is that right? Should the underneath layer be showing? I have no idea.

I like the mock cables a lot. I did another repeat of the double raindrop chart so I wouldn't have a ton of plain reverse stockinette in that panel. It worked out just fine.

Yesterday, the high temperature was 94 degrees. Today is cooler. I'm still having trouble believing I'll ever need a sweater again, but in case I do, I've got a short-sleeved option!

*Some of you may remember my issues with pullovers. I need an escape plan from my sweaters.


  1. I am not a lover of vests, so having seen this before and thinking "wow, I wish that had even just short sleeves"... I SALUTE YOU!

    Also, Waterlily? Great choice! Gorgeous, gorgeous dye job with that yarn, I loves it. I gave a bag of it to a friend of mine for Christmas one year (yeah, a good friend, for that!) and she made a sweater with it and I just can not keep my eyes off it when she wears it out. Love that yarn!

  2. wow.
    That looks scrumptious! NICE JOB!

  3. Beautiful pattern, beautiful work! Congratulations.