Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embarrassment of Choice

I'm knitting. I promise.

I have one sweater finished and one sweater that just needs buttons. But it's HOT. Soon I will take pictures.

Also, I'm doing Christmas knitting, which can't go on the blog. Christmas is less than three months away. Knitting takes a long time. End of Public Service Announcement.

So, anyway, let's talk about something else today. Let's talk about one of the downsides of the Internet: the Embarrassment of Choice.

Let's say that I decide I want to do some flower embroidery. I would feel more confident if I had a template, so I go online.

image from here

Great. But maybe there's something greater

image from here

Ooh, that's pretty. If I'm thinking about buttons...

image from here

Stop getting distracted. I don't want buttons, I just want a simple, colorful flower to embroider.

Do you know who knows color? Kaffe Fassett.

image from here

And on and on it goes until days have passed and now I'm looking at pictures of bunnies sniffing flowers in Mongolia and I've completely forgotten that I ever wanted to embroider a flower at all.

Sometimes, there's just too much choice.


  1. You just described how I feel when I search for a new sock pattern to knit for [ insert skein ]. An hour passes and all of a sudden instead of one pattern/one skein I've got six or seven skeins piled on my desk and fourteen tabs open to different patterns.

    .... which is my way of saying we might share a brain.

  2. An embarrassment of riches to be sure. What a wonderful problem to have!