Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reds' Trolley Dodger

Friday, Andrew and I made the two-hour drive to Cincinnati to watch one more Reds game from somewhere other than our couch.

The game itself wasn't great. We were playing the Pirates, and they quite simply outpitched us. This would have been much easier to take if we weren't sitting directly in front of morons who nearly drove me to physical violence on numerous occasions. My very favorite quote from their row came when a rather drunk man tried to justify why he and his partner were spending their 5th anniversary doing something he loved rather than something they loved. "She's a social worker, so she loves anything that's social."
I weep for our species.
Morons aside, I love baseball and any chance to see a game when it isn't 100 degrees and humid is welcome. I wore my completed Trolley Dodger and was really grateful for it by the end of the game. It was in the 50s when we left after the fireworks around 11:00 p.m.
Originally, I duplicate stitched the Reds logo on the sweater. I decided I didn't love it, so I took it out, rewashed that section to plump the stitches back up, and used a patch instead. I like it better.

The Reds have four mascots. (This seems excessive, but who am I to judge?) There's Mr. Redlegs, Mr. Red, Rosie Red, and Gapper. Mr. Redlegs is on my sweater.

Trolley Dodger sweater (mine raveled here),
knit in Knitpicks Capra in Scarlet and Black
This design has pockets, which I think are adorable as well as useful.

While looking through one of the team shops in the stadium, I saw this sweater.

This sweater is similar to the Trolley Dodger, yet inferior in every single way. It's shapeless, has droopy pockets, and costs $100.

It's a good thing I knit.



  2. Oh Bonnie! First the baseball, what can I say--I live in baseball mecca here in St. Louis. Sorry about the Reds. So now the knitting: LOVE that sweater. OMG, it is adorable. I could use one for the Cards games! LOL!

  3. That's a lot of mascots.
    Sorry about your surrounding fan luck. At least your sweater looks great. I must admit that the tickets in pocket pic is my fave!! So, what did you knit on during the trip/game?