Thursday, June 6, 2013

You Don't Know Me

My friends and I often say, "You don't know me," when someone says something that makes it very clear that they do know me. This is from a Will & Grace episode. An example:

"Bonnie, did you just make a bulleted list from our conversation?"

"...You don't know me."

A friend sent me this link for a quiz that identifies your learning style.

The website then offers some study strategies for your particular learning style. It was a page describing the only sensible way to learn anything new.* It encouraged making lists, taking copious notes, and rereading those notes silently over and over.

At the end of this page was this:

You don't know me.

*No, I don't really think it's the only way. It is, however, the only way that makes any sense to me whatsoever. People learn from talking in a group? Really? Isn't group time another way of saying wasted-time-that-could-have-been-better-spent-if-they'd-just-let-you-read-by-yourself?

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