Monday, June 24, 2013

Packers Stripes

The teenager who asked me to make the toe socks requested striped socks in Packers colors. When we made a trip to Simply Socks, I bought some Cascade Heritage in (hopefully) the appropriate colors.

Noro Stripey Socks (mine ravelled here)
knit in Cascade Heritage 5608 (green) and 5645 (gold)

I used this pattern, which is basically my usual pattern plus comforting words about doing four-row stripes. I was worried that there would be weird pulling or holes by carrying one color up four rows, but there wasn't--just this little blip you see where I changed colors. I put the blip down the middle back of both socks and on opposite sides of each foot. It makes me feel like it's more of a design feature that way. "Hey, I clearly knew this was happening. In fact, I mirrored it."

I did broken rib on these. It seems to make them fit better than plain stockinette, and even though the ribbing slows me down, doing it every other round isn't so bad.

I know this is going to shock you, so prepare yourself.


There's nothing on the needles right now. There's a mystery KAL that starts on Friday, and I have my supplies (yarn and beads) ready for that. Until then, or until it makes me crazy that I'm not knitting, I'm doing something else: embroidery!

I'm a pioneer woman, pal.*

*That's a quote from Thoroughly Modern Millie. She's about as much of a pioneer woman as I am.

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  1. Nothing on the needles! Be still my heart!
    ha! I just realized I have nothing on the needles too but that's just because I pulled a sock cuff off the needles today because I didnt like the way the colors were pooling.