Friday, June 7, 2013

"Vacation" Day

I took a second vacation day today and went back to my mom's. The first order of business was to dig out clumps of grass from the center of a perennial bed that's gotten out of control. You're going to have to imagine the swath of dirt covered in root bound grass that was full of evil. EVIL.
Then we tried to terrace the end of the bed a bit so it wouldn't have such a problem with erosion. Mom wanted snapdragons there.
My oldest sister had planted geraniums along the front of one of the beds, and Mom, my niece and I went to the nursery and bought perennials. I dug out all the irises--Mom's done with irises and they spread a lot. She still has them along one side of her house, but I've dug them out of the other two places where they were planted.
We weeded, planted, put down newspaper as a weed suppressant, and carried and spread mulch.

I convinced Mom to buy some plants I love, such as a Serbian bellflower,

 a small delphinium,

a couple big delphiniums,

a pretty heuchera/coral bell,

a dianthus,

and some other gems I didn't get good photos of. I'm hopeful her delphiniums will do well. They get eaten at my house, so I have to admire other people's.

While we're chatting about plants, does anybody know what this bush is?

It has lovely pink flowers with no scent. Mom planted it at some point but doesn't remember what it is.

We also planted four different clematis, three seen in this picture and one in another spot.

Mom put a couple new perennials in one of the beds we cleaned on Tuesday, a tradescantia/spiderwort

and a columbine.

I'm sore and exhausted, but it's great to have it done.


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