Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tree of Life (Take 2)

This weekend was a baby shower for a very good friend. I knit and knit and knit for the baby, and now I can show you!

Holly requested a Tree of Life blanket. I've made one before, but I think this version is a vast improvement.

Baby Tree of Life Throw (mine ravelled here)
knit in Caron Simply Soft Solids in white

On this version, I took out the tulips from the middle section and substituted a fancy cable that DetroitKnitter created. The tulips pulled the fabric in awkward ways, especially if, as I was, you were creating them in acrylic yarn that doesn't like to be blocked.

I also used a different yarn. All acrylic is not created equal, and the Caron Simply Soft is a lot softer than the Lion Brand I used on the first version. Both show the cables really well.

I used the leaf border again, even though many people have substituted moss or seed stitch for it. I think the leaves are very pretty and worth the fussiness. I did not try to knit it on as I created it. I did that last time, and I wasn't thrilled with the look of the join. This one I sewed by hand, and I think it turned out much better.

My friend properly oohed and ahhed over it, and she said she wasn't sure she could actually use it with her baby. Sweetheart, that baby is going to poop all over this blanket, and it's fine. That's what acrylic is for!

More baby knits tomorrow!

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  1. This is fantastic - almost as wonderful in photos as it is in person! But it's softer in person.