Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Is Not To Be Despised

Holly's husband, father to the baby for whom I was knitting, asked for a hat. Well, I'm not quite sure he asked for a hat. It was discussed that he needed a hat, but that's very different from wanting a hat.

Tom tried on three hats I've made for Andrew, and Tom liked the simplest and most boring one.  

Hot Head Hat (mine ravelled here) knit in Cascade 128 Tweed

It's the Hot Head pattern from the original Stitch 'n' Bitch book.  Say what you will about this book, but I love it. I think it's very clearly written, and I used it a lot when I first learned how to knit. It has some nice patterns--I've knit five of these hats so far--and it's the book I recommend for new knitters.

I had leftover yarn from the Hellborus Yoke sweater, and I think it's a great fit for the pattern and Tom's tastes. It's a very fast knit since the yarn is bulky, and I finished it in an evening. Andrew tried it on before and after blocking and gives his approval on the fit. (He has strong feelings about how much a hat should cover the ears. Since I rarely wear hats*, I just go with it.)

Another Christmas present marked off the list, and hopefully Tom will have a warm head as he traipses through the streets of Wuerzburg, Germany.

*Blame the bangs.


  1. As always, your post will help me in many ways! The SNB book was my first knitting book I read from cover-to-cover and it has helped me, too. (Also helpful, Happy Hooker crochet book.) Hooray for one evening Christmas gifts!

  2. Are you sure you can't sell Tom on the bunny ears hat?

  3. Catching up on your treasures. They are all beautiful from the past month! Never thought much of SNB book. Maybe I'm beyond it? My friends like it...