Thursday, July 26, 2012

In and Out of My Head

I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm having a hard time putting things into perspective. I know I'm extremely, extremely fortunate. I know I really like this little life of mine--Andrew, friends, job, hobbies, family.

But for whatever reason, I can't seem to stay centered. It is taking a tremendous amount of work to think through situations and view them for what they really are. Even when I get there, it's as if my mind has put them into perspective, but my gut has not. That doesn't feel like quite the correct image, but it's all I have.

There's nothing to do but plug on, looking for ways to get out of my head. Paige put out a Call to Needles to get help making 12" afghan squares she'll put together into a blanket for a family who recently experienced a tragedy. Seeing a chance, I knit up a few.

Getting a square that was actually 12" x 12" turned out to be harder than I anticipated. The blue one is a bit big, the purple one is pretty close to correct, and the striped one is too short. Paige assured me she could work some magic with crochet edging to make it work, and if she can't it isn't a tremendous amount of effort wasted. I was able to do these in a couple evenings.

I still feel cranky. It will pass.


  1. Bonnie! Those squares are lovely colors! And. . . I wanted to leave this note in hopes that you might feel better knowing that your knitting, your writing and your wisdom has made me smile or laugh or contemplate on more than one occasion. Just wanted you to know!

  2. I got them to work! Thank you so much again for your help! -Paige