Thursday, October 27, 2011

When I Rule the World...

So, yesterday the difference between Ps and Js in the Myers Briggs world was strongly reinforced in my brain.  I took a short version of the Myers Briggs test to get my type.

Yes, I already knew what my type was.  It's like rewatching a good movie.  I do the same thing with the belief-o-matic.  It never fails to amuse me, so I've taken it several times.*

I waver between INFJ and INTJ depending on the day and what's going on in my life.  The feeling/thinking letter has always been quite close.

I'm always introverted, and I'm always judging.  Always.

The quiz I took yesterday was interesting in that the results showed "the strength of your preferences" for each type.  For example, I tested as a T, but only with a 1% preference.  I was N with a 38% preference.

My J-ness was much more pronounced, with a 78% preference.

And my introversion?  Everyone knows I'm strongly introverted.  I've talked about it, and anyone who has any awareness at all can see it if they spend any length of time with me.  I'm okay with it, knowing that I have my limits as to how much time I can spend around lots of people before I feel the need to crawl under the table and take a nap.  My I-ness preference was 100%.

I'll buy that.

A friend told me that she knew of a workplace that had employees put their type on their desk.  Other coworkers could see it and interact accordingly.  I recognize most people will think that's weird.  I think it's brilliant.

The INTJ type is called the Mastermind.

You've been warned.

*Today my top four were Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Neo-Pagan, and UU.  This is my not surprised face.  Feel free to ignore this if it freaks you out.

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